Mother Upset After She Found Out The Gerber Cereal She’s Been Feeding Her Baby Has Metal In It And She Tested It Out With A Magnet! Report

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3966 Videos . Published on Nov 11, 2019

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lilgeorge 25 days ago
theduck1893 25 days ago

lilgeorge what?

theduck1893 25 days ago

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trarozay 25 days ago

It says it on the ingredients do u mofos not read?

realhated 25 days ago

the baby won't be smart by the sound of your vocabulary anyways. breast milk and beech nut is the way to go, goofy

money123 25 days ago

Good job mom

snappy77 25 days ago


bigdawg 25 days ago

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bigdawg 25 days ago

Just two servings of Gerber® infant cereal meet 90% of your baby's daily iron needs

Yeah, iron is affected by magnets. Like damn, do they not teach that in school anymore??

whysosadman 25 days ago

I couldn't take her country bumpkin accent for fucks sake learn to speak.