50 Cent Explains Why He Could Never Forgive His Oldest Son


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Info : Published on May 06, 2020

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thehazeofourlives 7 months ago

It's be likethat at times. I dont have anything to do with my daughter because her zaddy loving mother ruined her. Not the ugly black B***h WILL be NOTHING but a warm place for a man to stick his Dxck into...Nothing more, nothing less. #FuckMyahAndKrystal

duhneegrius411 7 months ago

deadbeat Azz nigga.

yungreparations 7 months ago


thehazeofourlives 7 months ago

N***a go suck on your manly mothers Dxck and toss your lil sisters salad. #Bussyboy #DilapidatedFuckboy

yungreparations 7 months ago

This Comment Has Been Deleted

thehazeofourlives 7 months ago

That's 🐂💩. If your seed isn't Sh*t (The mama wasn't shit) then the seed isn't shit. Keep that Sh*t moving...much easier to males to move on and start over.

lightsweet01 7 months ago

I was mad at Curtis about his son but now I understand. Wow

cisco 7 months ago

The father has to keep the door open because everything that the child experienced through his mother will cause association. It will take time and awakening for the child during adulturation to expose the association once they've been able to see the world as it is. 50 is just a succa and word has been around on the streets that he always has been. You can't blame a kid for hatin you when you didn't raise him.