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The cop unknowingly approached his fellow officer sitting in the back seat of the car while the windows were up commanding him to put his hands up. Upon seing the cops gun he then started to fire at him.

According to the criminal complaint, Grant and his partner Holly Garcia met a suspect to buy $60 worth of “shards,” another term for meth. The suspects got into Garcia’s car, and she drove them to an Econo Lodge Motel. One of the suspects went into a room and returned to Garcia’s vehicle with the meth.
Garcia then went to a McDonald’s parking lot and gave the signal to begin the bust, the shooting took place shortly after.
A day after the settlement paid out, the APD released the horrific lapel cam showing Lt. Brachle approach the undercover cop and unload on his fellow officer.
According to Grant’s tort claim, there were multiple reasons Brachle should not have fired the shots into the vehicle. Grant points out in the notice that Brachle knew him well, knew what clothes he was wearing, and even knew exactly where he would be sitting in the car. The court document states that there was no threat, and “rather than cease fire, Lt. Brachle instead re-positioned himself…and continued to fire,” shooting until his gun was empty.
After walking back up to the car, Brachle quickly realizes that he’d just filled his fellow officer with holes.


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