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Jamie Lee Wilson, 25, reached speeds of 100mph while fleeing police and even hurtled across a field before attempting to escape on foot in North Lincolnshire. Wilson was chased after police officers carried out a vehicle number plate recognition check and discovered he was a disqualified driver. Officers instructed him to stop, but instead he reversed his blue Mercedes into them and hit speeds well in excess of the limit in a bid to get away.

Dashcam footage showed the disqualified driver hurtling along the A180 before a police helicopter camera tracked him as he headed into a field and abandoned his car. Wilson admitted dangerous driving, driving while disqualified, damaging a police car and possession of cannabis. He also pleaded guilty to drug-driving, failing to stop when directed to do so, speeding and using a motor vehicle without insurance. Prosecuting at Grimsby Crown Court, North East

Lincolnshire, Jeremy Evans, said the charges all related to an incident which started at around 3.30pm on February 21. Mr Evans said: 'The officer observed the defendant travelling in front of him in a Mercedes C220. 'He conducted a vehicle number plate recognition check and information was received that the person at the wheel, in the preceding two to three days, was a disqualified driver. 'He followed the vehicle, knowing there was a chance that was the person who was driving the vehicle.'


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