Little Boy Shows Off His Makeup And Gives His Fans A Performance Report

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3053 Videos . Published on Nov 07, 2019

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the12deel 3 months ago

Ok, Rog (lilgeorge) this is Kiddie soft porn. You should remove this

the4thmigoo 3 months ago

This child needs a father, or some old white man is gonna murder this poor boy...

eyeswatching1 3 months ago

The terribleness!!!!

realhated 3 months ago


white-mans-catnip 3 months ago

Bet you got that some durag.

eyeswatching1 3 months ago

Yo Santa, get ya elf.

money123 3 months ago

You must kill it now b4 its to late

jayewho 3 months ago

Man what the fuck.

alligator 3 months ago

Okay who tf liked this? Someone expose them

jayvic75 3 months ago

Where is the parents to this lil piece iof shit..Sad mane

txhustla1 3 months ago

What and the entire fuck

nice 3 months ago

fuxwitit247 Holy shit I can’t believe you would post your video. You fucking nigga tranny

rekklesp 3 months ago

Fukk you mean sus the niga is clearly Gay!