Two Grannies Throw Hands With Young Couple; Pull Out Hammer During Altercation Over Wrong Parking At Local KFC Report

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3468 Videos . Published on Sep 11, 2019

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camm38 6 months ago

If she didn’t want her ass beat why her slow ass didn’t lock the car door behind her after getting in??

lusty-phool 6 months ago

she pop the trunk to get the hammer...literally

sirsmokesalot 6 months ago

It's ALL because of the chicken sandwich wars.

camm38 6 months ago

Now raising canes and chick fa li sandwiches ???? got white people stressed out

sirsmokesalot 6 months ago

I'm white and I want one of those sandwiches. Chicken knows no color. The struggle is real.

knutz666 4 months ago

damn savages deport every last one of em

thunderlips 6 months ago

Damn white people whytpeopling

sirsmokesalot 6 months ago

now thats funny

fuxwitit247 6 months ago

It's the remake of Beverly Hillbillies....

korbyn 1 month ago

Look bitch...........You went through all of the trouble to retrieve the hammer. NOW USE IT !!!!!!!