Two Grannies Throw Hands With Young Couple; Pull Out Hammer During Altercation Over Wrong Parking At Local KFC Report

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717 Videos . Published on Sep 11, 2019

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lusty-phool 11 days ago

she pop the trunk to get the hammer...literally

camm38 12 days ago

If she didn’t want her ass beat why her slow ass didn’t lock the car door behind her after getting in??

fuxwitit247 12 days ago

It's the remake of Beverly Hillbillies....

thunderlips 12 days ago

Damn white people whytpeopling

sirsmokesalot 12 days ago

now thats funny

sirsmokesalot 12 days ago

It's ALL because of the chicken sandwich wars.

camm38 12 days ago

Now raising canes and chick fa li sandwiches ???? got white people stressed out

sirsmokesalot 12 days ago

I'm white and I want one of those sandwiches. Chicken knows no color. The struggle is real.