Police Officer Threatens To Shoot Kids Because They Wouldn’t Back Up! Report

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4633 Videos . Published on Feb 04, 2020

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cetewayo53 5 months ago

then back your Azz up, and do what the police told you. DUMB LITTLE Shxts !!

union1932 5 months ago

You sound like a b*tch

cetewayo53 4 months ago

and you sound like a F**king fool!

blikrik11 2 months ago

That's because we have some so-called Black youth that are a product of slack upbringing, and looove to see drama and chaos! Fuk are u doing just standing around in a damn mob for? That cop knew she had to flex G-style to let em know..we ain't weak fool..run up!

kushkandy 5 months ago

When trying to impress the white man goes wrong ..

teddylee 5 months ago

If yall bootlickers don't see what's wrong with this cops actions I hope you get everything coming to you.

roscoe35 3 months ago

Bossy N****r B*****s shouldn't be cops. F**k those muther fuckers