Family Dollar Employee Starts A Fight With Woman After She Caught Her Stealing


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Info : Published on Nov 12, 2019

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itsoesntmatter 11 months ago

That baby laugh was priceless

gimmieasmallslice 11 months ago

I was just boutta say the same Sh*t

realhated 11 months ago


gimmieasmallslice 11 months ago

Run up

mrstania 17 days ago

The only thing cool about that is the baby. Other than that, the whole thing was unprofessional and ghetto as hell! Its so embarrassing to me for my folks to act in such a way. Things like this make it hard for us to be trusted in certain positions. Yes, the lady should have not stole from the store but provoking a fight will only get you unemployed and/or in jail. It will mean nothing to the store because you can be replaced quickly. If it was a white employee doing the same thing to the thief we will be all over it trying to get the place shut down. We have to start with ourselves . We have to get our house in order!!