Elderly Asian Man Gives ‘spiritual Massages’ By Rubbing Womens’ Breasts And Groin Report

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48184 Videos . Published on Jan 28, 2014
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An old Asian man is getting a lot of criticism for his questionable “spiritual massages” that involves kneading women’s breasts and private parts while at public spaces in New York.In a number of his videos, the elderly masseuse, Luo Dong, approaches women at parks, beaches or on the street and offers them a free massage. Each of his massage sessions are recorded and uploaded onto one of his many accounts on YouTube. As he massages the women who are sometimes fully clothed and other times partially clothed, Luo explains the meaning behind “Qi” and how his techniques help with its flow through the body. Qi literally translates to breath or air. Figuratively, Qi means material energy or vital life force. He writes in the description of some of his videos:“Qi is the universe of all raw energy that can change any germinal substance.” The underlying principle of Qi is used as the basis for traditional Chinese medicine and philosophy. It is also believed to be an essential part in the practice of acupuncture, a technique that involves stimulating specific body points by inserting thin needles through the skin.One of his YouTube accounts, Luo Dong Second Channel of Spiritual Massage, has over 22,000 subscribers. The account, which was created in May 2016, has received more than 12.3 million views on the videos combined.

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