Man Tries To Kill His Wife, But His Gun Jams Report

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5122 Videos . Published on Nov 25, 2019
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Etiemerson de Souza Moura, 31, was arrested for trying to kill his own wife with a handgun. The crime took place on October 27 this year, and was recorded by the local security cameras where his wife works in Itacoatiar.

Police said Etiemerson tried to shoot at least five times at the head of his wife, however, the four initial shots failed. The gun fired on the fifth try, but a third person intervened and grabbed the man, making the gun shoot upwards. After the act, the man still assaulted her with the handle of the gun and before being pulled of site.

After the arrest warrant was issued in his name, Etiemerson was arrested on the afternoon of Monday (11) by teams of Police Interactive Police (DIP) of Itacoatiara. After the procedures applicable at the police station, he will be taken to the Prison Unit Itacoatiara and face Court. "

Happened in Itacoatiar, Brazil


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eazye03 9 months ago

ahahha now he's done and locked up for recorded attempted murder on survielence camera, stupid mfs

mrtea 9 months ago

And those prison in Brazil is no joke. They like to behead and kick the motherfuckers around when they beef..

bigdawg 9 months ago

Damn, she didn't even get up and run??? He done beat all the survival instinct outta her.

money123 9 months ago

Yeah I think that is

pianoman77 9 months ago

God was with her

snappy77 9 months ago

thats crazy