Teen Mother Explains What She Did To Her 4-Month-Old Daughter After She Allegedly Caught Her Cheating With Her Boyfriend Report

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3201 Videos . Published on Sep 11, 2019

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meekmillfan 7 days ago

I dont usually call people ugly..but this bitch ugly

dallasgoddess214 10 days ago

Is this real?

hydratedh2o 12 days ago

why is this bitch still drawing breath on this earth! this bitch ugly, fat, nasty, and a piece of shit all around. she don't need to be out here with regular people.

maine1016 12 days ago

Who the fuck she confessing to?

fuxwitit247 12 days ago

Please end it like Jeffery Epstein....

Full of shit, most likely she lost the rights to her kid a long time ago. I searched her up on google, and apparently she got internet "fame" for eating literal shit and smearing period blood all over her face. This video in particular seems recent, though, so who knows. If the baby really is dead, then the justice system failed,because this "person" has been posting all kinds of fucked up shit for a long time. I still feel sorry for people like this. For whatever reason, they are just fucked up in the head and nothing can be done. In the old days, they would just outcast people like this, send them into the woods or off a ledge or something.

fuxwitit247 12 days ago

Well spoken....when do you finish law school?

nice 12 days ago

Fuxwitit247 damn he googled your mom and found she likes to smear shit and her period blood all over her face. Boy oh boy no wonder you are 1 fucked up tranny bitch.

fuxwitit247 12 days ago

nice you're just jealous

theresad0616 11 days ago

How did you find a name to look her up?

theresad0616 11 days ago

Or do you mean you looked her up by her user name?

nice 12 days ago

Damn fuxwitit247 no wonder you all fucked up. Your mamma did this to you. So you are a girl not a tranny damn your fucking monkey.

fuxwitit247 12 days ago

As much as I enjoy my dick in your mouth....you gotta be more creative and tag me....but I expect this from a 12 y/o kid in Nebraska.

lrobinson6 12 days ago

She trying to get ssi... 17 minutes of this bullshit tho.

ls1goat 12 days ago

Somebody needs to put this disgusting beast out of its misery . Not enough hell on Earth for animals like this .