He Ain’t That Tough After Receiving Few Punches


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By: theduck1893   Channel : Fights  

Tags : hood, fight,

Info : Published on Aug 16, 2019

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benevoletracist 1 year ago

he got moobs

fuxwitit247 1 year ago

Rog shown you love Duck.....and you post an old video of him....shame bro

realhated 1 year ago


morehousemedia 1 year ago

he should have scooped him after the first 2 piece! LOL!!!!!!

reaihated 1 year ago

That's baby boy don't hurt his sexy young Azz xoxo

reaihated 1 year ago

OMG OMG these African Kings are sexy especially the young bear with the chest hair I would love to sniff it, I love aggressive African men I would softly suck on their o-rings until they turned bright red