Stud Gets Beat Up By Girlfriend On Live 'tell Them Hoes You Ain’t Single' Report

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8678 Videos . Published on Mar 25, 2020

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david52 5 months ago

I don't really have any sympathy for her dyke Azz but if she wasn't single before she needs to be now

knutz666 5 months ago

I come here for the comedy and that was hilarious

ibussnutz08 5 months ago

Studs aint suppose to cry ???????????????? man da F**k up.... dats what yall wanted

kena 5 months ago

Ok this my opinion both has P***y so by her been a aggressive female she probably didnt wont to beat her down the fem should have been the man smh I dont feel sorry for her any thing for clot ???????????????????

livid 5 months ago

Omg I hope she gets her head rammed through a wall bruh XD

cityman313 5 months ago

She say "She really want me to hit her, I don't wanna put my hands on her" You a fuckin female if you don't swing on her!

boothybooth 9 days ago

Socked that B***h like mankind

cetewayo53 5 months ago

you act like a dyke, but you cry like a B*tch. I could care less what happens to these vile nasty things. DYKES ARE A WASTE OF PUSSY!

rosewood2k 5 months ago

Chick wants to be a man but cant take a hit smh