Republic Airways Pilot Spits On His Ex Then Hits Her For Slapping Him Report

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3492 Videos . Published on Oct 09, 2019

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lilgeorge 5 months ago

lost his job right there

manmadddd 5 months ago

Always telling niggas and niggarettes dont date at work especially if you love your job. Too many peo pl le living on dis god given earth

bigsen 5 months ago


money123 5 months ago

Fuxwitit247 how's that music career going nowhere desktop recycle bin azz nica

viimarie 5 months ago

He's a bitch... Probably mad she left his ass for the co-pilot!!

bigdawg 5 months ago

Fuck that, I want off the plane. Got enough trouble without worrying about the pilot squabbing with his wife and forgetting the damn flaps and shit.

fuxwitit247 5 months ago

this reminds my of how money123 lost his virginity to his boyfriend in middle school....he will never forget that ice cream driver.