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A 48-year-old Atlanta man named Martin Blackwell is in a WORLD OF TROUBLE - police charged him with TWO counts of aggravated assault, and may charge him with a hate crime.

What did he do? Well Martin lives with his longtime GF and his 21-year-old "step" son Anthony Gooden. According to Martin, he has a rule in his house - he does not allow any Gay activity there. Anthony is openly gay.

Well Marquez Tolbert was sleeping over at Anthony's home, and Martin came in the room and poured scalding hit water on the couple. "Get out of my house with all that gay,” Blackwell allegedly said.

Marquez told WSB-TV that he is still in pain from second- and third-degree burns that required skin to be moved from his thigh to his back over 10 days in the hospital.

Anthony just got out of the hospital last week, and has set up a GoFundMe page to pay for medical expenses. Its said that at one point he had been induced into a coma.

The page says that they were forced out of the apartment by Blackwell, and went door to door before eventually finding someone who would help them.


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