Pure F**kery: Africans Using Chemicals To Peel A Layer Off Their Skin To Become White Report

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8611 Videos . Published on Nov 25, 2019

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money123 8 months ago

Never f that I love my black skin we the truth

bentoebocks 8 months ago

Hell yeah ????????

marcel 8 months ago

SMH, I hope they get skin cancer or worst. Just pure 100% coonery! Like Malcolm X said "Our black skin looks like gold compared to their veiny white skin"!

factfinder 8 months ago

This is too much. There are safer ways to improve your credit score. I'm no racist but come on....That Sh*t was funny.

lilgeorge 8 months ago

Rog what's going on?

bigsen 8 months ago


benevoletracist 8 months ago

The whiter you are the less reparations money ya gonna get---bitch look like chicken in a deep fat fryer

dice 8 months ago

Theirs a Filipino store near my work that sells skin whitening products, apparently its very popular.

jamonse 8 months ago

2/3 love ESSAU

sexycece 2 months ago

Why why love ur skin

snappy77 8 months ago


tr4p3r 2 months ago

why choose a fat B***h

rustyben911 7 months ago

that thing was dead in the tub because you cant do the on your Dxck or fanny let alone legs without pain so that is just a jane doe