Smh: Dude Odee After Popping 8 Pills Report

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48403 Videos . Published on Nov 27, 2019

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bgr001 18 days ago


chrisgambino 17 days ago

Fake. Tic tac eating ma fucker

chrisgambino 17 days ago

How to tell it's fake? The eyes. They would be closed and hard to keep open. Not wide open and buldging lmao.

bigsen 17 days ago

he been brain dead already so he okay..

zodd 18 days ago

Doing pills like white people...SMH This generation is a lost cause.

teddylee 15 days ago

That's white people shit

money123 18 days ago

Why do this weed always good

snappy77 17 days ago

dumb ass