Smh: Dude Odee After Popping 8 Pills Report

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8604 Videos . Published on Nov 27, 2019

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bgr001 8 months ago


chrisgambino 8 months ago

Fake. Tic tac eating ma fucker

chrisgambino 8 months ago

How to tell it's fake? The eyes. They would be closed and hard to keep open. Not wide open and buldging lmao.

bigsen 8 months ago

he been brain dead already so he okay..

zodd 8 months ago

Doing pills like white people...SMH This generation is a lost cause.

teddylee 7 months ago

That's white people Sh*t

skrrty132 2 months ago

thats maddd dis

money123 8 months ago

Why do this weed always good

snappy77 8 months ago

dumb Azz