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A dispute over a food order turns into a bloody female fight between the manager of a fast food joint (Royal Castle) and a crazed costumer. the costumer pulls a knife but her boyfriend or what he was takes it and tries taming the beast.

Not long after said crazed costumer ran to the counter flinging everything it could get her hands on, paper bags, straws, even the cash register. the manager didn't like it, and later

The cashier returned fire throwing a spatula and chasing after her, eventually catching her on the open restaurant floor where they began exchanging savage blows and weave was all in the cashier's favor until crazygal realized she was losing the battle and could not afford the war to be lost so she use her only weapon known more deadly than a gun, her jaws, and bit the cashiers forehead drinkin 3/4 pints of her blood refueling vampgirl and immediately winning her the war....


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