3488 Videos . Published on Sep 29, 2019

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money123 1 month ago

so true of

bigdawg 1 month ago

Dang, remember when the most scandalous thing for the POTUS was to wear short sleeves? Only person happy is Bush. Making him look better and better every day. People damn near forgot about his WMD and yellowcake bullshit.

jon61586 1 month ago

CNN has become terribly liberal over the last 20 years. Cant take them seriously anymore. What happened to reporting thr news and not having having an opinion about it?

lilgeorge 1 month ago

he's tripping

shooterboi1017 1 month ago

I understand but then I don’t understand

mar94 1 month ago


brodriguez 1 month ago

Deniro had been my fav since I was a kid. Taxi driver. Deer Hunter. Raging bull. Good shit.

tsummerville19 1 month ago

He told it like it was. Periodt

ju1ceman27 1 month ago

Lmao Robert said fuckem

maddworld1 1 month ago

He’ll probably still win 2020

danilo557 1 month ago

Fuck him...nd no he will not win 2020. Trump has no chance in 2020