This Guy Uses A Cheap Move To Assert Dominance During Fight Report

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4735 Videos . Published on Dec 02, 2019

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money123 6 months ago

Yo bro this is crazy

whysosadman 6 months ago

Make perfect sense this is real life and not a martial arts exhibition. Why risk brain damage from being choked out when there's a simple shut off valve sitting right there.

blackscorpio1967 4 days ago

There is no such thing as a fair fight bruh.. treat every fight like its life and death.. and do whatever it takes to win and see tomorrow.
Grabbing a guys balls in a fight, biting off his nose or a biting out a chunk of his face.. sticking your thumbs or fingers into his eye sockets as deep as they can go.. it is all fair in a street fight.. and can be very effective!
Also.. you just dont "let go" and release the hold on a guys nuts.. or the dude can easily restart the fight again.. you squeeze, twist, yank and pull with all of your strength making sure to leave him down on the ground screaming as you get up.. and once to your feet.. you kick and stomp his head and face until his teeth go flying and you hear his jawbone crack or his eye pop out the socket.

snappy77 6 months ago