Former College Wide Receiver Caught A Small Child Being Thrown From A Balcony Of A Burning Apartment


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By: yrnnick   Channel : Heros  

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Info : Published on Jul 08, 2020

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greentime30 4 months ago

Now for the racist peaces of Sh*t out there.a black man saved a white baby.BITCH

whiteymctrash 4 months ago


unapologetic 4 months ago

That’s dope. Good Sh*t

roscoejenkins 4 months ago

Thank god for those guys there. Real heroes!

shad 4 months ago

Note to self: Say DROP the baby down.

rudy 4 months ago

She wasted no time

drsatan 4 months ago

Reminds me of the guy who did something similar in Philly last year and then he made a quote on TV news about Nelson Agholor not catching a ball. LOL .

rawbebaba 4 months ago

Did his mom make it?

onelove1333 4 months ago


eltigre 4 months ago

My man said “wooo good catch” Biggest understatement of the year 🤣