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The “N-Word” has always been a controversial topic, but it moved to the forefront of cable news fodder in 2013 after it took down celebrity chef Paula Deen’s career and was used as a proxy for discussing racism in America.

Those cable news discussions have generally all taken the same tone: White people simply cannot say the word… ever. But on Friday evening’s “Is It Racist?” episode of FBN’s The Independents, co-host Kmele Foster — a black male — gave his slightly different take: It’s all about the intent.

He also suggested, in no uncertain terms, that perhaps we’ve become too over-sensitive about the word in certain cases. While using the explosive word quite liberally, Foster attempted to point out that it being okay for him to use it highlights a double-standard in America that could maybe use some confronting.

Agree with him or not, it’s a thoughtful and honest take that is sure to provoke all kinds of opinions. In other words: It’s well worth watching.


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