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"If you've seen the video, I'm right up against the gentleman and he's trying to bite me and he's trying to punch and I took quite a few kicks and knees thrown," Jenkins said. Jenkins asked the responding officer to use a Taser in an attempt to control the patient. Another medic on the scene didn't hear the request and originally thought the victim could have a head injury. The medic grabbed the officer on the left shoulder, which isn't shown in the original video, and the officer reacts by moving the medic out of the way. Ware said the officer grabbed the medic first under the armpit and then by the clavicle, not by the throat. He said the two men parted ways amicably. Body camera video was used by two officers with Shawnee State University in the investigation. Police are still trying to identify a suspect involved in the original fight that led to the call.


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