Girl Caught A Major Fade Trying To Stop Her Friend From Getting Jumped Report

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48710 Videos . Published on Sep 04, 2019

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lusty-phool 7 months ago

damn, she knocked the titty out

lilgeorge 7 months ago

Some fades

fuxwitit247 7 months ago

These Negros aint got nothing better to do than fight....start a neighbor baseball team or something positive.

suckyducky 7 months ago

She a hero but she getting beat

prettymarley 5 months ago

My bitch know to go

mkp 5 months ago

And this is the trash all Black people are defined by.

jeff 5 months ago

I like the bitch in white men she a do or die friend

realhated 7 months ago


bootlegyourmom 7 months ago

Just look at the houses in the background.
Sheboon breeding grounds.

Neighbors hate them. FACTS