Boxing Experts Are Saying Tyson Cheated Wilder To Win. Watch This Video Closely Report

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4633 Videos . Published on Feb 24, 2020

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kingshawn 4 months ago

That was their first fight. Look at the shorts. You black people will try anything to deny that the white man is the best boxer in the world. Bow down B***h asses!

cari 4 months ago win...and your running with it....ur dumb af

kingshawn 4 months ago

Y'all been running on his first win. The white man has that Sh*t now. Bow down nappy head hoe Azz B*tch!

johnsonjr21 4 months ago

Get the F**k outta here

jackpot201 4 months ago

Wilder Took a Slavery Beating - Made Harriet Tubman Turn In Her Grave

jessjuice1 4 months ago

look man this Sh*t looks iffy but hey it is what it is da boy got his Azz beast he gotta go train way more intense from a vet and come back and play the sport with a better game plan i love wilders up coming and what he stands for and furry is a damn good fighter dat white boy done beat the Sh*t outta alot of tuff fighters hes taller heavier andnd younger the man 31 wilder is 35

reek55 4 months ago

He was cheated

kingshawn 4 months ago

That video is from Wilder fury 1. And it is doctored. Fury beat Wilder like a slave trying to learn to read!

teddylee 4 months ago

Why's everyone acting like a boxer cheating in a championship fight is a new occurrence?

demon0007 4 months ago

I don't this he cheated. The injury in wilder's ear made him lose his balance. Therefore, he lost.

kive 4 months ago

That cracker just luck up

darat 4 months ago

Yea its not like the refs check the gloves and watch them put it on