All That Big Talk For Nothing: Older Woman Gets Washed By Younger Girl In The Hood!


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By: theduck1893   Channel : Fights  

Tags : fight, hood, GirlFight,

Info : Published on Apr 06, 2020

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rdavis67 8 months ago

Great fights in gov subsidized apartments. Grown Azz woman should know how to act but instead got her Azz beat by little white trash ho

yungreparations 8 months ago

She tried to warn her. Do y’all know who I am=I beat up people

realreadyred 8 months ago


jcarra88 8 months ago

dog walked her ass😂😂

shutdavuckup 8 months ago

She begged for them hands and got it

tylerdurdenfwb 8 months ago

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ericgilbert21 8 months ago

Becky and Samantha out here actin hood

paullaney 8 months ago

My trash-ass white queens 😍😍😍

crissy 13 days ago

...mannnnn she asked for that.... :s....u can only push somebody so much

jcarra88 8 months ago

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tae__winn 1 month ago

They fought where we use to sit for our outside meeting as kids 😂😂😂