She Needs A New Man: Girl Gets Ran Up On In Her Own House And Beaten On Facebook Live In Front Of Her Boyfriend For Talking Reckless Report

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5619 Videos . Published on Jan 27, 2020

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teddylee 2 months ago

Had time to get the angles right and everything. He ain't shit

phatkat4 2 months ago

He a Sorry ASS NIGGA for show

legacy 2 months ago

The most sorriest boyfriend in the world.

fatman420 2 months ago

Dis hoe stupid

lostchild23 2 months ago


theoib 2 months ago

He probably use to her running her mouth and can’t back it up

girlfriend 19 days ago

Dumb bitch fightin over a man who will fuck another girl tomorrow

money123 2 months ago

On Crip we out here

normalthom 2 months ago

These people have a lot of class, all of it is low.

kushkandy 2 months ago

Damnn she got on the yattas

robburn78 2 months ago

Bruh say wtf???????????????