Young Boy Filmed Working At Popeye’s In Texas Report

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4978 Videos . Published on Nov 16, 2019
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One child in Texas was photographed preparing the insanely popular Popeye’s chicken sandwich for a restaurant outside Dallas. The boy appeared to be about 8 years old and no taller than four feet. One customer took the video of the boy wearing a Popeye’s apron as he recently helped the overworked staff as they struggled to keep up with the chicken sandwich orders.


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money123 8 months ago

Get too close and get out

bigdawg 8 months ago

This Comment Has Been Deleted

benevoletracist 8 months ago

Why was it ok with everybody else in the kitchen, why didn't they report it. They saw it. With all the fights and violence and bad language over the chicken sammich at Popeye's OH WAIT,, the kid's black, cuss all you want , he's heard it all already.

teddylee 8 months ago

So his dad and him got fired. What benefit was that?

ho0dlegend 8 months ago

The General Manager should've been fired as well for allowing it to happen.