Trump Supporter At A George Floyd Protest Get Spit At And Confronted By Rioters Report

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5142 Videos . Published on Jun 03, 2020

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roscoe35 2 months ago

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ch3y09 2 months ago

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roscoe35 2 months ago

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roscoe35 2 months ago

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sirsmokealot 2 months ago

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greentime30 2 months ago

I love when white people get on a racist ass.

blackscorpio1967 2 months ago

That was just simply AWESOME!

scooby 2 months ago

That's what's going to happen to that racist roscoe

roscoe35 2 months ago

I open carry to keep slaves under control.

sorove 2 months ago

everyone be bullying racist Azz roscoe

roscoe35 2 months ago

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sincere87 2 months ago

Weird MF lucky he didn't get stomped white ppl weird af

scooby 2 months ago

Roscoe is a far as s coward who hides behind his computer, dumb hick