Bernie Sanders Sat Down With Cardi B In Detroit To Discuss Major Issues Report

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3468 Videos . Published on Aug 16, 2019

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hydratedh2o 6 months ago

welp, i've lost all respect for bern. this fuckin sock puppet bitch is a whore who had a lucky break, no matter how much money or caked on makeup and weave, this bitch is what she is, a dumb whore who got lucky, bitch rapping about eating dicks a few minutes ago, now she's sitting with a presidential candidate. they fucked you bernie, they tried to have you on that shit trump was on, having that whore kardashian around. but trump is a fluke. this shit is a career ender.

bootlegyourmom 6 months ago

Waiting for the Illuminati to sacrifice her.

fuxwitit247 6 months ago

Having one of most intelligent people talking to one of the like throwing water on a fire