48179 Videos . Published on Mar 30, 2014
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A Georgia teenager is accused of doing when $31,000 is accidentally deposited into his bank account. Cops say 18-year-old Steven Fields goes on a wild shopping spree, including buying a BMW.

On March 7, 2014, a customer walks into First Citizens Bank in Hull, Georgia to make a $31,000 deposit. His name is Steven Fields. But the problem is there are several customers named Steven Fields with accounts at the same bank and the teller puts the deposit into the wrong account. That's when $31,000 shows up in teenager Steven Fields' account, authorities say.

And the teen allegedly doesn't waste time spending his new-found money. 18-year-old Fields starts taking cash out of ATMs and buys $5,000 worth of stuff, according to a police incident report.

Then, he allegedly comes to the same First Citizens branch and withdraws $20,000. Fields heads to car dealerships--buying a used BMW--grocery stores, clothing stores and restaurants, Madison County Sheriff Kip Thomas said

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