48524 Videos . Published on Nov 06, 2019

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benevoletracist 2 months ago

Wait till the democrats get in,, they'll help the cartels

vici0us 2 months ago

That Boy Chris never seen a real fight in his life so he wouldn't know until his kids gets kidnap by the catels while his wife is getting banged by the amigos b4 they off her.

josephaaneya 2 months ago


jayewho 2 months ago

Trump about to get a lot of mfs killed.

snappy77 2 months ago

cartel bs

bigdawg 2 months ago

29,000 Mexicans murdered last year and we don't say shit. 9 white motherfuckers get murked and suddenly it's armaggeddon! Shut your hypocritical asses the fuck up!

money123 2 months ago

Not gonna happen

gatman777 2 months ago

he needs to help with polygamy and under age marriage. have you wonder why they didnt live in the US ?