Nerd Looking Guy Instantly Regrets After Calling His Classmates The N-Word Report

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4716 Videos . Published on Nov 17, 2019

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dvd2020 2 months ago

2 nigga-beans against 1 person shows how pathetic and weak they truly are. Yes, they are Cowards!

godgun 2 months ago

damn right

alligator 2 months ago

They let that honkey learn his lesson.

teddylee 2 months ago

I was with him until his homie hopped in

bigsen 2 months ago

real gang shit right there

bgr001 2 months ago

It is disturbing how much hand to hand combat skills have deteriorated in this generations male youth

nice 2 months ago

Typical nigga race can’t fight one on one. Fucking monkeys

nice 2 months ago

redd1211 Nigga did I say respond to what I post. Get the fuck outta here. You fucking monkey. You suck your daddy wait you nigga don’t have a daddy.

redd1211 2 months ago

You suck your daddy who is your brother.dick. fucking fag

godgun 2 months ago

only pussys have to fitht 2 vs 1

alligator 2 months ago

He’s spent too much time playing games.

money123 2 months ago

School district is