Nerd Looking Guy Instantly Regrets After Calling His Classmates The N-Word Report

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4054 Videos . Published on Nov 17, 2019

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dvd2020 23 days ago

2 nigga-beans against 1 person shows how pathetic and weak they truly are. Yes, they are Cowards!

godgun 21 days ago

damn right

alligator 24 days ago

They let that honkey learn his lesson.

teddylee 23 days ago

I was with him until his homie hopped in

bigsen 23 days ago

real gang shit right there

bgr001 23 days ago

It is disturbing how much hand to hand combat skills have deteriorated in this generations male youth

nice 23 days ago

Typical nigga race can’t fight one on one. Fucking monkeys

nice 23 days ago

redd1211 Nigga did I say respond to what I post. Get the fuck outta here. You fucking monkey. You suck your daddy wait you nigga don’t have a daddy.

redd1211 23 days ago

You suck your daddy who is your brother.dick. fucking fag

godgun 21 days ago

only pussys have to fitht 2 vs 1

alligator 24 days ago

He’s spent too much time playing games.

money123 23 days ago

School district is