What's Going On With These Hot Albanian TV Newsreaders Report

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2179 Videos . Published on Nov 06, 2019

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hellboy666 13 days ago

Bruh it would be a damn uproar if some female reporters did that in the U.S.

benevoletracist 13 days ago

1-2-4 are the same bitch, you can tell from the boobage moles

chris9731 13 days ago

I wish Ginger Zee or Stacey Abrams off the weather channel would be the first

06amaki11a 13 days ago

But a drag queen will be fine for diversity, inclusion amd tolerance.

josephaaneya 13 days ago


eastsidechris704 13 days ago

Shit dont happen in America

blackboidoe 13 days ago

This is how you make news interesting

snappy77 13 days ago


teddylee 11 days ago

Still don't know what is going on

money123 13 days ago

It's alive in the truck