Chubby Girl Goes Off On Walmart Employees When Accused Of Shoplifting Report

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3820 Videos . Published on Sep 28, 2019

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monkeyforsale 6 months ago

Before you say she's white, she's not. She's Asian or Latino................... but she's talking and gesticulating like a black. hashtag TragicTrash

bigdawg 6 months ago

A black what? Gotdam you old.

myassmakesbuttermilk 6 months ago

just another day in Walmart

madness315 6 months ago

She should steal some cakes.
Flat asfk

slickrick00 6 months ago

she needs to get bitch slapped then put on the ground until LEOs arrive

lasirena618 2 months ago

Boxes hit her twice tho lol

bigdawg 6 months ago

Brothers had a lot of restraint. She threw that toy on me or pushed me, she catching one to the jaw.

lilgeorge 6 months ago


money123 6 months ago

key role

deewhy92 6 months ago

Imagine her reading this caption when she watches this video

hydratedh2o 6 months ago

fuckin cameras have allowed these lil goofy ass bitches to act a fool, there was a time when every dude in there would have thrashed that bitch! you jumping all in a man's face calling him n-words and shit, bitch would have caught that two piece!