Bexar County Gop Chair Concludes Rally By Saying The Coronavirus Is A Hoax Engineered By Democrats Report

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4966 Videos . Published on May 24, 2020

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gasparyanga 1 month ago

Sadly, this ignorant B***h is echoing how many people feel all over the world. it is a sad state of affairs that this B***h is the best representative of the GOP they could find in all of San Antonio. I live in Boerne, just west of San Antonio, many of my neighbors have said the same thing.

roscoe35 1 month ago

It was engineered by the Chinese over plan to devastate the US in an effort to distract from their plans to use 5g technology to subvert US military dominance. The Dems support China. That is enough for me.

roscoe35 1 month ago

She is closer to the truth than Fauci or Birx who coincidentally got everything wrong over and over and over again week after week after week after week.