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Footage captured on CCTV at a hospital in Suining city, southwest China
50-second clip shows quick-thinking grandmother stopping the theft
The young woman is an alleged baby snatcher who has now been detained
A woman was busted when she disguised herself as a nurse and tried to kidnap a newborn baby from a hospital in Suining city, south-west China’s Sichuan province.

The child’s quick-thinking grandmother noticed something was wrong when the woman was leaving the hospital pushing the baby in his cot looking extremely suspicious, reports The People’s Daily Online.

As the event unfolded, the whole process was recorded on the hospitals security cameras, exposing the kidnapper to the police.
The 50-second video shows the woman, only known as Su, walking into the hospital wearing a white stolen nurse’s uniform.

She casually walks straight through the hospital into the postnatal ward on the sixth floor, past unsuspecting staff members.

In the room, the babies were unattended in the middle of the day, so she decided to take a chance and wheel him out in his cot.

It only took a few seconds for her to grab the newborn baby, push him out of the room and through the corridors at high speed.

Su nearly reaches the exit when she is stopped by his grandmother carrying her shopping. They talk for a short while, and as they do Su looks very agitated and the older lady can tell something is not right.
She repeatedly questioned the ‘nurses’ intentions but failed to get a logical or satisfactory response.

As Su walks away, the grandmother follows her into the lift then takes the baby away from her, wheeling him out the door as soon as possible.

Su is left in the lift on her own and as soon as it stops, she peers round to check no one is looking and dashes for the exit.

She was caught on her way out by hospital security and has now been detained by police.

According to the report, Su, who is thought to be in her twenties, is also suspected of trafficking women and children.

It is thought the parents had been at the hospital but were away from the child at the time.

She allegedly told police she had stolen the nurse’s outfit from a locker room, and she would have got away with the crime, had it not been for the timely intervention from the grandma.


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