Racist Old White Guy Blames Asian Man For His People Bombing Pearl Harbor After He Rejected Giving Him Money


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Info : Published on Nov 17, 2019

This old white guy harassed me in front of 99 ranch market in Rancho Cucamonga after I rejected giving him money.

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marcel 11 months ago

The USA forced the Japanese into war with multiple acts of aggression. Unlike other countries Japan wasn't willing to just roll over a be cucked by Europe and America and fought back. With the brutal sanctions imposed by the USA, the Japanese people would of starved to death within the year. Just think, why would a country just out of the blue go to war with the USA??? The whole nation would have to be retarded to do without just case. Fun how that guy doesn't mention that the USA was racist in the 40's (still is today BTW).

money123 11 months ago

King of the south

bigsen 11 months ago


benevoletracist 11 months ago

well he's got a point