Old Lady Tells Anime Congoers To Go To Bed Report

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4823 Videos . Published on Nov 05, 2019
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On the late night of Saturday during Anime USA 2019, while I was walking past the hotel rooms for my late night coverage (for my Ministry of Otaku coverage of the convention) a old lady was angry at the large noise coming from the hotel room next to her and demanded the people (who were all anime congoers) to "Go to Bed"


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slickrick00 7 months ago

they are not adults, they are fucking kids. if your are over the age of 16 and wearing a costume, your a FAGGOT

wakanda77 7 months ago

You dont get to be a bigot until you learn how to spell youre.

alligator 7 months ago

Watching animes like dragonball or Pokemon is okay, but being a full out weeb is a disgrace.

shoc2006 7 months ago

DBZ only!

fuxwitit247 7 months ago

They gotta do something with all that bottled up sexual frustration...being 28 y/o virgins is tough

snappy77 7 months ago

she ain't wrong

bootlegyourmom 7 months ago

This Comment Has Been Deleted

money123 7 months ago

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josephaaneya 7 months ago