Upcoming Show "Cracka" Puts Blacks As Slave Owners And Whites As Slaves


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By: Rog   Channel : Crazy BUT Real  

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Info : Published on Jun 19, 2020

The series does not have a date but is expected to hit in the fall of 2020, just in time for the American presidential election.

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diva 4 months ago

Happy Juneteenth ✊🏿

nice 4 months ago

WHAT THE FUCK. 1st this will never ever happen sweet dreams niggas. 2nd time to protest riot loot and for the white race to unify. How the F**k if a cracker makes a movies with N***a slaves( which was actually history) you N***a get all mad

diva 4 months ago

😂😂😂oh you mad,mad? No fun when the tides turn huh? Stay tuned we just getting started

yuko23 4 months ago


bossladyfl 4 months ago

Now you know how it feels lol it's just a movies you sick F**k grandparents really did it

jrmint 4 months ago

Coming straight to YouTube

factfinder 4 months ago

Yeah...Because this is a progressive move. Idiots