Cleveland Police Fatally Shot A Man While He Was Trying To Rape A Woman! Report

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3655 Videos . Published on Nov 06, 2019

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zodd 14 days ago

He tok the first volley of shots like a champ... he really wanted to bust that last nut.

lusty-phool 13 days ago

nah thats not possible, i believe the police missed like WTF

paspareil 14 days ago

Or you could remove that flyheight writing so I can see the danm video

alligator 14 days ago

The USA is a weird place...

mkp 12 days ago

Oh well!

batman20 12 days ago

Now this is what rape looks like. Me too movement should take notes.

josephaaneya 14 days ago

Crazy shit

money123 14 days ago

Let's get it

mkp 12 days ago

They had no choice.

snappy77 14 days ago

well deserved

theduck1893 14 days ago


povertyjones 10 days ago

East Cleveland Police

teddylee 12 days ago

Fuck em

odongo 10 days ago

That's crazy

lilgeorge 14 days ago

theduck1893 How did you do that

lilgeorge 14 days ago