Cleveland Police Fatally Shot A Man While He Was Trying To Rape A Woman! Report

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4734 Videos . Published on Nov 06, 2019

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zodd 7 months ago

He tok the first volley of shots like a champ... he really wanted to bust that last nut.

lusty-phool 7 months ago

nah thats not possible, i believe the police missed like WTF

paspareil 7 months ago

Or you could remove that flyheight writing so I can see the danm video

alligator 7 months ago

The USA is a weird place...

mkp 7 months ago

Oh well!

batman20 7 months ago

Now this is what rape looks like. Me too movement should take notes.

josephaaneya 7 months ago

Crazy shit

money123 7 months ago

Let's get it

mkp 7 months ago

They had no choice.

snappy77 7 months ago

well deserved

theduck1893 7 months ago


povertyjones 7 months ago

East Cleveland Police

teddylee 7 months ago

Fuck em

callhaliiv 1 month ago

I seen the whole video before he wasnt trynna rape her he was trynna kill her that was his girlfriend lmaoo its not funny just put facts in tbe caption ... I hate when people lie about rape

lilgeorge 7 months ago

theduck1893 How did you do that

lilgeorge 7 months ago