Girl Dancing On A School Desk Falls Report

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7599 Videos . Published on Sep 28, 2019

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dubidblzz 6 months ago

Tik tok ruining lives lol

khaeliente 6 months ago

she was off her mark smh

money123 6 months ago


brodriguez 6 months ago

You know that shit hurted lmao

viimarie 6 months ago

Her mom:
Her mom: (sitting in ER waiting room) So u mean to tell me... LOL (i crack myself up)

lilgeorge 6 months ago


hydratedh2o 6 months ago

then they'll be blaming men when they drop out of high school to be hookers and strippers. but this the shit idiots do instead of fuckin learning and studying, everyone so thirsty for attention of strangers and to impress other fuckin morons for a few seconds. idiocracy!

maddworld1 6 months ago

Thought it was gon be the one on the left