Wow: Teacher Loses It When Student Nudges Her While Walking Out Of Class Report

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4735 Videos . Published on Nov 15, 2019

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nice 6 months ago

Damn always gotta be the nigga race doing this shit. If I was a fucking nigga monkey I would kill myself.

topman01 6 months ago

All that over a fight, rather witness a school fight then yall white people shooting up the schools

alligator 6 months ago

Stfu and go suck your dog honkey

nice 6 months ago

alligator Did I tell your stupid dumb ass nigga to respond to my post. GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!!

bigdawg 6 months ago

Guess that was the final straw huh?

deuce2421 6 months ago

Most teacher student fights go down in "Murrrlind"

floydf21 6 months ago

Fuck them grown ass kids. They wanna act grown then when you treat them grown, oh now you a kid. Fuck them grown kids

money123 6 months ago

Fighting is good for the soul