Guy Trick Girl To Come At His Place To Do Makeup But She Didn’t Know He Was A Guy And Wanted A Different Kind Of Service


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By: theduck1893   Channel : Crazy  

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Info : Published on Mar 09, 2020

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kingshawn 9 months ago

Who the hell pays an ugly B***h to do their makeup? Smdh!

zodd 9 months ago

Whitey does.

kingshawn 9 months ago

Don't talk about yo momma like that!

alexissibley45 9 months ago

Wow I didnt know I was ugly LOL

lblayde 9 months ago

1st off it's hard to watch with that nasty Azz nose ring, annoying Azz voice, why you go in a traphouse thinking you getting $100 for make up, what kind of business gets dropped off and my 12 yr old make up kit look better than that and it's a kids play set and who would let her put them nasty make up brushes on their face , so many more problems ,ill just stop here, plus 17 min video, muthafucr ain't wasting that much time on this

alexissibley45 9 months ago

Wow so hostile and you dont even know me SMH

jrmint 9 months ago

17mins ???!??

atp2 8 months ago

This chimpanzee looking B***h need to stop with all that extra Sh*t like she boomin like that hell she doesn't even have a car talking about I had to get a ride over stop playing with yourself

miketwice 4 months ago

Mayne she was tricking

miketwice 4 months ago

Mayne she was tricking that make up kit look like a kid had it and everything in it looked dirty that was the fake out dude probably hit and didnt pay or she got there and he aint have all da money

yuko23 9 months ago


tftweez 9 months ago

Dammn he was his Miss doubtfire height Love good music? Need beats? Follow my IG:Tax_free_weez

obarede 9 months ago

Is this a nigga?