Woman Abuse Her Grandmother Because She Fell Asleep With Her Baby On Her Chest Report

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4823 Videos . Published on May 22, 2020

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thehazeofourlives 9 days ago

This is foul Asf!!!!

emoclew 8 days ago

This is actually criminal, Elder Abuse is punishable with real jail time. Hope you animals get caught.

akblacc 8 days ago

these bw dont even love their own grandma let alone you smh this is sickening

beingnosey 8 days ago

It's obvious this lady is either special needs or drug addicted. Why leave your newborn in her custody anyway and then try to attack her with your baby in hand? Lady needs to be arrested for abuse, negligent, and stupidity for putting this online

constant 8 days ago

This is VERY upsetting to watch, if u don't trust this woman to care for your baby then DONT, but to humiliate her like this is very cruel and one day u will realise and regret this behaviour, and when u are called out for this nothing you try to use as an excuse will be good enough not even to yourself when u are more grown up with a lot more yrs behind you it will not be very hard to live with your conscience (that's if u ever develop one), most have done something callous they really regret in there past but this was EXTREMELY disqusting and if I was one of your neighbours I would try to help that poor woman escape her life where I expect she is just the slave I BET TOO its even her bloody house, which if it is and u see this comment u need to get out leave that cursed house where u will never be free and will always be the underdog, start making some plans to escape if that is possible xxxxxxx much love to the "grandma"...…… who is not a wimp I promise you, I know u don't fight back as you know how much worse it can get, You are a survivor, but please start secretly planning your escape xxxxxxx