Wtf: Kids Jumped An Old Lady After She Locked Them In The Store For Stealing Report

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1150 Videos . Published on Jul 23, 2019

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waistedfemmebot 8 months ago

That old lady crazy as hell!! Aint a damn thing in that building worth her life! Somebody wants to run in and steal from you so be it get a better security protocol but locking folks in and using your body as a shield no bueno

realhated 8 months ago


sowhatnℹgger 8 months ago

As is niggerr culture

shoc2006 8 months ago

not worth your life.

detroitdude52 8 months ago

Someone should grab the chick with the horse hair weave and suplex her ass to the cement.

mindbodysoul 8 months ago

Dam thats messed up. Good on the other peeps who made their way in to stop the assault. My Mom is 70 and if someone did that shit to her oh man it would end very badly for these fuckin brats.

suckyducky 8 months ago

Too much happening once they came in idk what they was trying to do

countryboi 8 months ago

Them black girls know good and damn well that if that was a bunch of white girls all beating their grandmother it would be all out war, that beautiful lady was someones mother and grandmother i suppose.....

domeasolid 8 months ago


sowhatnℹgger 8 months ago

Notice how the niggerrs broke in to free the niggerr violent criminal.

One thing about niggerrs and their culture is their constant need to protect or defend the niggerr criminal element because the criminal is the exact same color niggerr as they are