Dude Loses His Sh*t After Spending $40 For Sex But It Never Happened


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By: mrwise1982   Channel : Fights  

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Info : Published on Dec 26, 2019

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kokomami 10 months ago

Ew black girls pussyfooted always be smelling like raw fish like damn girl go get those stds cleared up ASAP yall nasty so called Queens my Azz !

kokomami 10 months ago

Ummmm I dont have no damn bastard kids gross yoiur a pervert

ndndnnd 7 months ago

F**k me Im black

maccbreezy 10 months ago

You rag doll Azz BBL Azz B*tch. I will cum F**k yo N***a in yo daughters bed if you dont watch yo motherfucking mouth. You foot draggin Azz B*tch. Your P***y smell like a surgical procedure u nasty trout mouth B*tch. Sound like you got a set of Fxg nuts anyways. P***y LOL

money123 10 months ago

He big mad lol

knutz666 10 months ago

if only he knew how

batman20 10 months ago

Lol access denied

jeff 10 months ago

Give the dude his money back