Sauce Walka Says He Would Never Date A Black Woman!


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Info : Published on Jul 09, 2020

Rapper Sauce Walka says that while he loves black women, he would never date one. Apparently the Houston based rapper says that he only dates white women, preferably blondes, as its a "good business decision:"

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Niggah talking nonsense

tmshmrphy 3 months ago

But he never said he'd never date a black woman. Mfs just want to turn the black King against the black Queen. GTFO🙄 And if he doesn't want to date black women that's his preference. So what?

sigmound 3 months ago

if folks listen to what he saying is he pimping these other chicks he clearly said its business

greater20 3 months ago

He is one of the smart blackies. Those blackie females have nothing to offer but out of wedlock children, bills and preowned stinking vagina.

sagittarius617 3 months ago

And crackers have nothing to offer you but heroin, kitty porn and herpes.

mrky859 3 months ago

And dnt forget rape white devils love raping kids

thehazeofourlives 3 months ago


rdavis67 3 months ago

who is he? never heard of him. he will be broke in 3 years committing crimes to get his