Sad: Autistic Kid Gets Jumped In School By His Classmates


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Info : Published on Oct 31, 2019

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normalthom 12 months ago

What is wrong with these kids?? OMG!!

fuxwitit247 12 months ago

Their father is away smoking meth and banging dollar prostitutes...

godgun 12 months ago

lil motherfuckers - damn punks

shoc2006 12 months ago

ya'll bout to get shot up.

blacksfarsuperior 12 months ago

This is natural for cave people, it's only a bad thing now because black people ,who's nature is civilized are present in society..that's why we were integrate d using mlk so u F**ks could be saved from self cannibalism.

gatman777 12 months ago

lil motherfuckers with no parenting

money123 12 months ago

I hate kids

bgr001 12 months ago

Back in the day the unofficial policemen of the school ...... The Football team used to handle Sh*t like this.... Where is the football team?

snappy77 12 months ago


benevoletracist 12 months ago

The breal reason he was beaten-------He wore a MAGA hat to school

eazye03 12 months ago

The bullies will be identified by the end of the week and I guarantee they will get it worse than this young man did.. F**k these assholes

fuxwitit247 12 months ago

Even white kids bully other white are just primitive monkeys...they better hope he doesn't shoot up the school