Man Gets Put On Blast In Front Of His Wife For Trying To Have Sex W/ A 15-Year-Old Girl! Report

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915 Videos . Published on Jul 30, 2020

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mspacmann88 9 days ago

The sad part about this whole thing is the wife look like she don't even care if she probably already knew about this she said I told you about talking to anybody online so obviously she knew what the F**k was going on with her slow Azz

girlfriend 9 days ago

She's gonna stay with him.

skoot93 10 days ago

She knews about it, omg bae look gave him the paper

ericgilbert21 10 days ago

That’s messed up, but that’s a good way to get killed. Is it worth it?

valid1 9 days ago

Of course hes touched the kid in the red

shutdavuckup 9 days ago

That looks like a grown woman

popcorn123 9 days ago

That B***h and her crew would have been dead. Come to my house with that bullshit B***h get a life go after your perverted Azz high class white folks who molest kids everyday including your high class senators congressmen president and your so called celebrities and remember this they had no pity on kids doing slavery and they are still doing it now if you wont to make a change start with the people who run this country not saying what he did was right but B***h get a life

person 10 days ago

15 years old need love too